A catastrophic earthquake in Morocco has led to the tragic loss of thousands of lives, with many more injured. The immediate necessities include emergency housing, warm food, medical care, and essential aid.

A powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake has claimed the lives of hundreds in Morocco, with many others injured.

Notably, certain structures in Morocco’s historic old city, recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site, have suffered damage.

Doneer Nu

Previously, our teams have consistently risen to the occasion, especially in times of natural calamities. During the earthquakes in Pakistan, TurkiyeFF, and Syria, we were at the forefront, swiftly responding to the immediate needs of the affected communities. Not only did we supply food and shelter, but we also facilitated vital services and support, ensuring safety and well-being.


Many of those affected by the earthquake in Morocco are located in remote regions. Hospitals are overwhelmed with injured individuals, and there’s an urgent call for residents to donate blood. Distressingly, there are reports of families still buried beneath their collapsed homes in the city..


Our primary aim is to supply emergency shelter essentials, such as tents and blankets, to those who’ve lost everything. We’re also concentrating on food distribution, setting up medical camps for free medicine and healthcare. Beyond immediate relief, we are committed to long-term rebuilding to assist affected communities in regaining their footing. Our unwavering dedication to humanitarian aid is evident as we stand beside communities in their time of need. With your continued support, MWF will persevere in these efforts