We’re delighted that you want to fundraise for MWF and help with our life affirming work around the world. You can start from going through our fundraising toolkit and resources.

How it helps

Here are some examples of how the donations you raise through your fantastic fundraising could help change lives for the better.

You could include these examples in your emails, or on your online fundraising page, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

MWF is supported entirely by your donations so together we can help make sure that every child can grow up safe, happy and healthy.

Where does the money I raise go?

The donations you raise could provide medicine, food, water, education and protection to help make a lasting difference to the lives of people around the world. Here are some of the ways your donation could help:

Orphan Sponsorship

could pay for Education or Health & Nourishment or Accommodation & LIfestyle or all of these aspects related to the upbringing of an orphan child from primary to graduation.

Water Aid solutions in the form of pumps and wells

Water for All

support in the form of smallest of all hand pumps provides clean and safe water to a neighbourhood of upto 150 residents for up to five years.

Our Girls Our Future Projects

Could empower a girl discriminated due to gender inequality in society or community. Providing opportunities that overcome any disadvantages women have society ensures women can play an equal role in the struggle to attain a prosperous family, community, society and nation.

Health Care

could intervene and prevent many mothers from losing children at birth, recover young children from curable diseases and save thousands of lives lost from basic preventable and treatable illnesses

EduCare Sponsorship

could pay for rescuing a child from labour by supporting the child’s family and instead of working allow the child to have access to quality education all the way up till Graduation. Ultimately the graduated child, through the power of education, ends the complete family’s cycle of poverty.

Raise a Family

project wholistically provides a poor couple will the necessary essentials that break them out of an endless cycle of poverty so they can focus their energies on giving their upcoming generation a head start at life by business start ups, micro-finance loans, vocational training, Housing and marriage Support

Emergency Relief

pays for the fulfillment of immediate influx of needs created by man-made or natural emergencies. Emergency Relief is a form of aid mostly delivered under circumstances where the beneficiary has no other means of survival except reliance on charity.

Community Projects

allow for addressing hidden social issues within developing regions of the world and investing in our generations with providing them empowering narratives, demything destructive and unpeaceful slogans, institutionalising peaceful efforts and developing leadership skills.

You’ve done the hard work in raising the money so now make sure it gets to us! It’s super simple and there’s lots of ways to send in your sponsorship money so just pick the one that is best for you.

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